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FC Barcelona’s Offense? Slow Down Basketball

30 Nov

Full disclosure – I didn’t grow up watching or playing much soccer.   Our household were fans of University of Maryland basketball, beginning in the Lefty Driesell era and continuing through Gary Williams’ teams in the 90’s.  Likewise, basketball was a great draw at the High School level in Maryland and I saw a lot of the sport played there.

When a team in Basketball reaches a comfortable lead for the time remaining in the game, they will start playing an offense that involves passing the ball, holding the ball, and dribbling in place.  They try to maximize each possession to the full length the shot clock (if one is used) allows.

In my time as a basketball player, I never can recall being instructed to throw the ball to an open down court for my team to chase like so many U8 soccer teams do with their defense.

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