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Vacation Adaptation

31 Dec

I’ve been on vacation for the holidays now since December 23rd.  It’s been a great week spent at home with my family, enjoying time together.

It’s interesting how quickly though your body and mind adapt to the lifestyle that being off from work affords you.

My normal schedule means waking at about 5 AM and commuting to the office for a 9-10 hour workday and then a 1 hour commute home, followed by an evening spent preparing dinner and food for the next day at work.  Not so, since vacation started.

Outdoors Time

The weather in Atlanta over the past week has been excellent.  Atlanta never gets really cold like other parts of the US – it’s definitely colder than the summer and fall, but it’s still weather that you can enjoy outdoors time.

During vacation, I’ve been able to play pickup soccer, do some morning training with a Goalkeeper preparing for a tryout, get outside with my sons for soccer, work on building another garden bed, and take the family out to a Miniature Golf and Go-Kart park.


I think the lack of time in front of a computer, coupled with a lot of outdoors time has really helped regain a normal sleep cycle.  I’m tired in the evening and I can sleep until morning with only minor interruptions.  It’s gone a long way to making me feel normal and helping my body recover from some sickness and from the lack of rest during the last first half of December.


If there’s one area that I wish I could do more of while on this break – it’s exercise.  Getting to the gym is less convenient when I’m out of the office, and my days have been more consumed with the family and kids during the time off.  It’s probably been good to have a week off from lifting to allow my body to repair and recover.


I’ve stayed consistent with Paleo during vacation – and being home has allowed me to cycle more variety into my diet each day and vary my meal times and sizes according to my hunger more.